Save the date: November 27, 2020! The biggest shopping weekend for online retailers. Mark this date in your calendars to be ready with your offline and online offers and promotions.

For decades now it has represented a fundamental date in the calendar of all retailers, opening the shopping season close to the Christmas holidays.

But even more important is having the marketing plan ready to optimize your promotions and business proposals. In this regard, kodigit suggests some commercial strategies that will help you generate new sales:

Extend Black Friday offer to Cyber Monday: Extend your offer for a whole week. At the beginning, Black Friday was limited to a single day a year, today it ranges from a minimum of about 4 days to 10 days and beyond.

Flash offers lasting about 1 hour: An excellent technique especially for those sales platforms that generate high volumes of traffic

Create a good DEM campaign: take advantage of the promo to recruit new customers and send promotional messages to existing customers

Insert new categories and products: a large part of offline and online sales are generated by news or exclusive products.

Increase the expectation: Prepare previews of all the articles that will be included in the promotion.

Kodigit is at your disposal to help you make the most of this opportunity. Contact us to prepare a promotional calendar with the promotional strategies that best suit your industry.