If your company website and e-commerce manage users’ credit cards, passwords or user names, it is time to integrate an SSL Certificate into your project to make browsing safer for visitors and increase your digital reputation.

Google, to offer its customers, higher security standards while browsing, will activate a new control on the Chrome browser from January 2017 that will indicate the security of a website and the presence of an SSL certificate. It will report as “unsafe” all pages that collect for example credit card numbers or passwords whose published pages do not use HyperText Transfer Protocol over SSL (HTTPS) which is the most secure variant of the standard HTTP protocol. In concrete terms, in addition to e-commerce, all those sites that generate a username, password, use a reserved area or that allow comments on their blog articles will have to be updated. Using HTTPS means interacting with users in a protected environment where the sharing of information and other data is encrypted to avoid the use of the same by attackers or other illegal uses. The purchase of an SSl certificate will allow you to be safe from cyber attacks or from access to your site by unauthorized people. Kodigit offers you the SSL Certificate, its installation and a dedicated IP address in a single solution

hether we are talking e-mails, phones or social media, the right list of contacts is highly important for advertising. Brands ofter forget how to use old school methods of marketing, but want to remind a few steps that are crucial to your new business (and for any business, actually). Keep reading the article to learn about customer communications and individual approach.

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