Stripe, a technology company that offers a platform for managing online payments, conducted a research on the 800 most visited ecommerce stores in Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Poland and the Netherlands, finding that 94% could improve payment procedures.
Highlights are the lack of support for Mobile Wallets (such as Apple Pay and Google Pay), the lack of the numeric keypad for entering card numbers on the Mobile version and the failure to check in real time the card numbers and the date of deadline (the customer will repeat all the steps again, in case of error).

According to this research, 45% of Italian ecommerce do not allow visitors to checkout without registering in guest mode, even if 25% allow users to authenticate via social media and 22% with their Google account.
Furthermore, 56% of ecommerce do not instantly recognize the type of card starting from the first digits of the number, thus losing the possibility of adapting the related input fields.
In the last year, 24% of users said they had abandoned more than half of the online shopping processes they started, and in general over a third (35%) of consumers in our country declare that they abandon a purchase attempt when the checkout process takes more than 2 minutes.
So starting from the fact that globally 68% of online carts are abandoned before completing the purchase, correcting basic errors on the checkout page and eliminating any possible slowdown in the transaction process, could lead to increases in sales volume, especially in a historical moment where an increasing number of commercial activities are moving to digital channels.

Slow and unintuitive checkouts

Some of the most common mistakes in using ecommerce at a European level are those that create unnecessary waste of time for users:
• 42% of companies made at least three errors when formatting payment information or viewing error messages. These include failure to notify customers when an invalid card number is entered or when trying to pay with an expired card (forcing the user to repeat the procedure from the beginning);
• 61% do not support the automatic completion of the default address and 9% of the sites analyzed, in addition, do not even support the automatic filling of previously recorded data.
Regarding payments specifically:
• 75% do not allow shoppers to save their payment information for future use;
• 10% of sites do not allow customers to automatically replicate the billing address even as a shipping address (forcing the entry of identical data in two different fields).

Many checkouts are not mobile friendly

More than a third of European consumers (37%) say they buy from a mobile device. Developing a user-friendly checkout for even the smallest smartphone screens is therefore essential, but a good number of the 800 sales platforms reviewed by Stripe highlight several problems in the mobile experience:
• 89% of the checkouts analyzed do not support Apple Pay;
• 85% do not support Google Pay;
• 20% do not support automatic switching to the numeric keypad to enter card numbers on the mobile.

Many potential purchases in Europe are still left open

Many of the major European e-commerce sites do not provide simple checkout for users from other countries, resulting in a direct loss of earnings: 17% of consumers say they have abandoned at least one purchase in the last year because the method of preferred payment was not available. Each merchant should be able to provide the most common payment options in different states (such as iDeal in the Netherlands, or GiroPay in Germany).

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