What is trademark registration

The Registration of the Trademark protects the intellectual property of your Company within an extremely competitive global market as well as expressing a guarantee of reliability and authoritativeness for customers and operators. The Registration of the Trademark has a duration of 10 years renewable from the filing date of the application. Registration and filing of the Trademark can be made exclusively for the Italian market or for the European Market (at EUIPO)

how to register my company's trademark

Before filing your Trademark we suggest you carry out a “Search for similarity” to verify that in Italy or in the European Union there are no trademarks already registered similar to the one of your interest. It is essential to identify the classes of interest within the international product classification. Our consultants are at your disposal to assist you in this activity. We also provide services for receipt, control and transmission of the registration certificate and support your company for the assessment of any findings issued by the Italian Trademark and Patent Office or by the EUIPO.

advantages of registering your brand

Brand protection, protection of your products, ability to register in the amazon brand registry which allows you to find your products even more easily in amazon stores around the world. This process more effectively identifies potential infringement cases and takes corrective actions to defend your brand and your products on offer

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